Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Love Note about "Enjoy Life" Mini Chips

Finding allergy friendly chocolate is SO difficult!  When Aidan was first diagnosed with food allergies (about 7 years ago), there weren't that many companies that specialized in making allergy friendly food.  When Enjoy Life came on the scene in our local grocery stores, it was right around Easter (several years ago).  I couldn't afford to send away for the expensive "safe" chocolate bunnies, which you have to order WAY in advance, so  I was trying to find creative options for the kids' Easter baskets, and browsing through the tiny organic section in our local chain supermarket. My eyes fell on a new product:  "Enjoy Life Mini Chips".  The other organic chocolate morsels our store had always carried were dairy-free, but they had the dreaded "may contain" statement for peanuts and tree nuts.  But HERE was a beautiful bag of hope in the form of mini chocolate chips!  I read the label 5 times, just to be sure I could trust what I was seeing!  Enjoy Life products are free of all top 8 food allergens!!!  My kids could finally have chocolate in their Easter baskets? I could concoct CHOCOLATE CHIP cookies?  I could put morsels in our rice flour pancakes as a special treat?  My mind went spinning with birthday desert possibilities!  I am not ashamed to say that I cried right there in organic section.  It was like we were being gifted with a small bit of what other families would describe as "normalcy".

An acquaintance from church saw me and I was so excited that when she asked if I was okay, I could only choke out "They can have chocolate!"  I really don't think she knew what to make of the whole situation, but she knew our children had life-threatening food allergies, so she gave me a big hug and said something along the lines of "I'm sure that's wonderful news!"  As anyone on the inside of a food-allergy lifestyle knows, those on the "outside" don't always understand how hope-filled these seemingly small triumphs can be.  I am grateful that this particular acquaintence just "went with the moment" and shared my joy. 

We have used this one ingredient to create countless special treats, birthday desserts, molded chocolates...we used them in the Peppermint Patty recipe featured earlier on this blog! 

So, from my family to the Enjoy Life company:  Thank you.  We love you! 

 As always, from The Allergy Safe Kitchen, I wish you "Good Cooking, and Safe Eating"!


  1. Can you melt these down for chocolate coatings? For example chocolate covered strawberries??? What grocery store carries these?

  2. Good news for Grandma who now can make "safe" treats for all our Grandchildren.

  3. Nicole, I have melted them down to cover peanut-free buck-eyes, peppermint patties, frozen bananas, Oreo cookies... We also melt them, add a little vegetable oil and use the mixture in our fondue fountain! If you want to use them as a coating that will harden, I would suggest keeping what ever you coat (i.e. strawberries) in the refrigerator, until just a little before serving, to avoid that chalky coating from forming (it's called a "bloom").

    Enjoy Life Mini Chips are available at Tops, Wegmans, and as a recent addition - Walmart! I have been able to get the best price at Walmart, Tops has routinely been the most expensive. It's great not having to go to a specialty store! You can also order them online if these retailers are not in your area!

  4. I love Enjoy Life chips! My daughter is allergic to so much, all the most common foods, but she can have chocolate! I have used these in so many different treats for her. I am like you, when I find something she can have I can be driven to tears. I wish it happened more often...

  5. Beth, Seeing new companies starting to cater to the needs of children with food allergies is so encouraging! It is unreal to some people, that hope can come from a grocery store item. I'm happy to share our stories and the products we find in order to help families just starting their journey. Thanks for your comment! I agree; I too wish that those joyous "grocery store discoveries" happened more often.

  6. These chocolate chips are a staple in our house, too! Before Lucy was diagnosed with allergies (milk, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts), one of my favorite treats was popcorn with M&Ms. We have since swapped out the M&Ms for Enjoy Life chocolate chips and they're perfect! I've passed down my weird-combination-loving tendencies to Lucy and we love to share some popcorn and chocolate chips as a special treat. A good friend of ours turns them into chocolate candies (she supplied us with some chocolate Easter bunnies this year!) and has created "Soy Butter Cups" that are to die for. We keep them frozen until we're ready to eat them and they're so delicious!

  7. Beth, thanks for the love note. We are so pleased to be a part of your family's daily life. You are why we exist, and when we hear stories such as yours, it makes all that we do so very meaningful. Thanks for the support and know that we love you right back!

    Joel Warady
    Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
    Enjoy Life Foods

    1. Thanks! I'll share my love for "Enjoy Life Foods" anytime!!