Monday, June 30, 2014

Our Visit to Chipotle - Review

Go eat here!

We had an amazing experience the other day.  I took my four oldest children to Chipotle.  My son, 10 years old, is allergic to eggs and peanuts, and he carries an Epi-pen, and my 7 year old has behavior issues when he eats dairy.  I knew that some food-allergy friends of ours has successfully eaten at Chipotle, and I didn't have dinner planned, so we decided to try it out. 

I looked up the online menu for Chipotle, and it was pretty impressive how allergy-aware they are. They even have a tab on their website for special diet information. The chart of ingredients was very clear.  When we got to the head of the line, I did ask the server if there were any eggs, peanuts, or  dairy other than the sour cream and cheese.  She made sure to double check with manager, and she changed her gloves before working on our order.

My 10 year old was SO excited that he could order ANYTHING off the menu without fear. For food allergy families, this is truly amazing.  I had to hold back tears as my son kept repeating "I really can eat anything off the menu?!  I love this place!"

As an added bonus, the food was fantastic!  Everything was flavorful and fresh, and the chips and salsa were the best I've had in a long time at a restaurant!  We ate without incident, and we had a wonderful experience!  I highly recommend eating a meal at Chipotle! 

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