Friday, March 20, 2015

"Sushi Quik" Product Review

I first found a Youtube video about Sushi Quik when I did a Google search for "how to make sushi."  My 11 year old, son has been begging me to teach him how to make sushi.  He has multiple food allergies, and anytime he wants to learn a specific skill in the kitchen, I make sure to teach him.  (Click here to learn more about my philosophy on why children with food allergies should learn to cook.) I received the product for review, and we have had a blast using it! 

Pros: Sushi Quik is a sushi making kit that comes with all the equipment needed to practically guarantee sushi success: rolling mat, rice scoop/spreader, training frame (to get just the right amount of rice in the right place on the nori sheet), slicing guide, and sauce dipping cups. Even my six year old was able to assemble and roll his own sushi roll unassisted! (I did the slicing.) 

A true bonus is that all the pieces are dishwasher safe! The instructions that come with the Sushi Quik are clear and easy to follow, and each item in the set does exactly what it is supposed to do!  The rolling mat can be disassembled for easier cleaning, and clicks back together easily.  

None of us could believe that we were able to make fancy looking sushi, so quickly and deftly the first time we tried! This was a big "pro" to me because kids need to see and feel success when they are learning how to cook.  Often, their cookies aren't as pretty as mom's, or their attempts at cutting/slicing yield jagged results.  And sometimes, noticing these differences can cause frustration and discouragement. With the Sushi Quik, ALL of their results were impressive the first time trying, and each of the children felt really accomplished.  

Cons: This isn't really a con, more of an idea: my kids wanted to try chopsticks, and we didn't have any.  Consider offering those kid friendly "starter" chopsticks as an add on to the product. (The ones that are attached at the top so they automatically spring back open.)

Bottom Line: We will continue to use our Sushi Quik! We love it! Keep some sliced veggies, a container of cooked sushi rice, and some protein (the bigger kids like shrimp, the littler ones preferred to stick with chicken) in the the fridge, and celebrate as your children confidently make themselves sushi for a snack or lunch! This has been as awesome addition to our kitchen, and it will be to yours also! 

My 11 year old slicing his first sushi roll!  He made his with shrimp, red bell pepper, and cucumber. 


For more information on Sushi Quik, to order a Sushi Quik kit, and to check out sushi recipes and dipping sauce recipes, visit Sushi Quik by clicking HERE!

 As always, from The Allergy Safe Kitchen, I wish you "Good Cooking, and Safe Eating"!


  1. This product looks awesome! My kids love sushi and making it themselves would make it even better. We are always stuck for healthy lunch ideas, this would be a perfect. How available is sushi rice and nori sheets at grocery stores? Also, do you know how long can cooked sushi rice be stored before using?

  2. I have found Sushi Rice at both of the grocery stores I normally frequent. One store had it in the international section, along 3 different brands of nori. The other store (the smaller and more rural of the two), had it in the rice section right next to "risotto rice." To be honest, I haven't looked in the smaller store for nori sheets, but I'll make a point to do so the next time I go! We have never had rice left in the fridge longer than three days! That's what happens in a big family! I would toss any that wasn't used after 6 days.

    1. Thank you! I think when budget allows we may get one of these. The kids would have so much fun and love eating sushi more.